It is written
For tonight’s entertainment, I present to you: John Boehner’s Facebook

"NO NEW TAXES," said the retiree who likes "V for Vendetta" and "The Bible" to a American Society that is paying way less than it’s drawing out for it’s programs.  I’m already getting $60-100 out of every paycheck taken out for taxes, can’t wait till we need to replenish the Social Security funds after Joyce Boykin’s generation and the Baby Boomers have their way with it.

If you envy the quality of life in the “socialist counties” in Europe, you might want to take a look at the ratios of how much they put in versus what they take out.  I’d rather pool my money with the rest of society and have a higher quality of life. This must make me “Un-American.”

While Joyce Boykin is enjoying her golden years and I’m getting half my paycheck taken away by the IRS, I’d like to humbly disagree with that statement, and with John Boehner’s for that matter.